2iiZ prides itself on keeping the overhead low by maintaining minimum per project staff in Los Angeles, San Diego California, and Kansas City. 2iiz provides 2D, Stereoscopic 3D, CG/Visual Effects, Roto/CP, Motion Graphics services with our expertise heavy in Stereoscopic Post Production. Here at 2iiz we like off offer complete Stereoscopic 3D services for both natively shot footage and conversion. With that we can fully integrate CG and visual effects created by you or us. 2iiZ is also forging the way in Stereoscopic Motion Graphics.

Ryan and I have worked in a number of studios now, some great and some not so much. With all of them we noticed an inherent flaw, the size, overhead, pipeline and thus the cost. Time after time we would  see the smaller projects and studios get their work or film turned away. The industry is use to ramp up and down for projects and out sourcing but they still maintain the facilities and staff employees and they only utilize the outsource facilities for overflow. That’s why we here at 2iiz are taking a more modern approach, taking what we have seen and learned to another level.

  • We keep only the bare essential staff employees that can manage, rebuild, restaff, and train per project
  • We not only ramp up and down our employees per project but also our facilities with the flexible space we keep, so your not paying for our slow season.
  • Outsourcing is not for over flow its for support and is also a talented work force. Every shot is finished here in the US but they all start in our outsource facilities, this gives us speed, flexibility and more control over the final shot, so all shots meet that final US quality without the associated cost. We keep a 70/30 ratio, meaning seventy percent of the first portion of the shot is done at our outsource facilities and the remaining thirty is completed here, it makes revisions easier. This goes for all our processes.
  • All our outsource facilities submit dailies the same as if they were sitting in the studio here in the US for critics. We uphold them to the same standards. With todays technoloy outsourceing should not feel like another country but just like another room.
  • We strive to be a complete source for the post production, giving us a more streamline process and control through the entire pipeline. We want to take our experience and help manage and guide you through the process while helping in the creative process, not just work on a shot and return it.

This all allows us to take on the huge major project or even the small ones. Countless times we noticed the “B” movie, TV and commercials get turn away due to budget, that’s not the case here.”  Founder Shawn Barnett


  • Shawn Barnett

    CEO / CTO

    Shawn just finished wrapping his latest credited feature film as the Comp Supervisor with Legend 3D on Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon. Continually pushing himself and his team to create the highest quality visual effects and compositing for stereoscopic playback. With the experience of multiple feature films, Shawn has been able to work closely with industry leading studios like ILM, Digital Domain, Paramount, Sony, and DreamWorks to create and manage the production of visually stunning stereoscopic feature and catalog films, utilizing Nuke AE and CGI elements.

  • Ryan Trenhaile

    COO / CCO

    Ryan Trenhaile was born in Marion County, Missouri. Through the encouragement of his parents, he began painting in oil and acrylic at the age of 5. He went on to study commercial art in college and finished his studies in 1996 at the School of Communication Arts in Minneapolis, Minnesota graduating with a degree in Multimedia Design. His talent has brought him extreme success in the gaming and film industry. Early on in his career, he had successes with Ken Griffey, Jr. Baseball as well as the infamous Resident Evil games. He has also worked on major Hollywood projects such as Captain America, Thor, The Avengers, Prometheus, The Amazing Spiderman, and additional animated features such as Shrek and Kung Fu Panda. Ryan has taken his understanding of stereoscopic 3D films and applied it to his newest venture 2iiZ.

  • Harrison Meyle

    Supervising Sound Editor

    Harrison Meyle’s career in sound editorial has spanned over 15 years. In his career Harrison has both supervised, edited or mixed over 40 feature films, as well as many television shows, commercials, and short films. Harrison manages all of the sound editorial budgeting and has worked with all the major studios and facilities such as Paramount, Dreamworks, and MGM.


    President of sports division

    With a background in broadcasting, Sean has had a long history in broadcast production. He was able to build a business from a one-man shop to the roster that included some of the biggest sport teams in the country. Sean has worn many hats over the years and continues to bring innovation and leadership to everything he does. Sean has a long standing history in the sports entertainment field providing award winning content to sports franchises and broadcast televisions. In addition to production amazing content, Sean has also focused on the production of award winning leading edge interactive projects for companies and teams around the world. Sean brings a well-balanced focus of design, implementation, and forward thinking to every project he works on.