People often ask about audio.  Many companies send out projects to get the audio done as an after thought. Most studios dont even offer the service at all. We have a Dolby Studio Certified editing room we use to design the audio from the start of your project and work through it to the end.  This helps us time animation, fx, foley, and dialogue early on rendering a much more dynamic look and feel to the project.

Products and Services


Sound Editorial
The complete creative design, enhancement, sweetening, editing and cleanup of all non-musical sound for motion picture, television or applicable media.


Sound Supervision
Guarantee’s proper workflow, managing personnel and handling budgets. Generally the supervising sound editor is the contact person when dealing with issues around sound editorial from other departments. The supervising sound editor is directly responsible for all oversight, communication and decision making within the sound editorial process.


FX Editorial
The creation of soundscapes that represent moments within a scene. Designing sound ambiences and recreating any sound that is directly tied to an action or event.


Sound Design
An FX related classification that specifically identifies the person who formulates and implements the overall sound scheme.


The foley team re-creates in real time, movement, footsteps, hand pats/arm grabs, and movement and manipulation of on screen props. The purpose is to enhance the story with adding missing elements or enhancing the existing sounds within the production sound. It is also necessary to foley the film to the extent that the movie can play for foreign audiences without the original production sound track.


Foley editorial
Requires an individual to designate through a process of programming foley cues where specific foley elements will be recorded. After the foley team records the requested cues, the foley editor’s responsibility is to edit and sync foley with the picture and production audio.


Dialogue editorial
Involves the editing of the “on set” or production audio. This includes editing every word of dialogue to emphasize clarity and continuity, while creating the illusion that the conversations during the cuts are seamless. A proper dialogue edit can be played without any other audio and be just as captivating and seamless as with everything online.


Replaced dialogue that is recorded for purposes of clarity, continuity and performance issues, ADR can also be in the form of voice over or narration. ADR is generally recorded and captured during the dialogue editorial phase, deferring to the dialogue or ADR editor for needed ADR lines or cues.


ADR Editorial
Editing and syncing replaced dialogue (ADR). The ADR editor is also responsible for compiling cue sheets that reflect which lines to be replaced.


Mixing all of the sound elements into one, using methods to sweeten and manipulate the audio to fit a specific media. Motion pictures require theatrical mixes in properly calibrated rooms, insuring the translation of the sound from theater to theater.