Clean Plates – Occlusion Fills


Clean Plates

2iiZ is all pro when it comes to Clean Plate and Occlusion fill, bringing years of experience to the table. Rigg removals, object removal, multi-plane separation of footage for compositing or stereoscopic processes.


Being one of the most difficult tasks we take pride in the quality of our clean plates. 2iiZ knows that roto and clean plate work go hand in hand so we typically start by isolating the area or layers in question with the roto work we create or you provide. This allows us to be able focus the final result just in the ares needed allowing us to soft blend with the original or leave the bulk of the plate as true to the original as possible.

At each stage we stop and QC the work very critically to ensure we are meeting the expectations of your project. This ensures that by the time you receive our plates they are immediately usable with limited issues.

Occlusion Fill

We separate this term as not to be confused with tradition clean plate work. Given our experience we know there is a major difference between traditional clean plate work and filling occlusion. 2iiZ knows that with occlusion fill for most stereoscopic 3D processes there is very limited room for alteration. The contrast lines, vertical lines, textures and lighting all have to match pixel for pixel along the edge of the occlusion area while at the same time matching revealed frames throughout the shot with very little to no alteration to the rest of the plate. Essentially isolating whats been added to the plate to the holes created by the occlusion. This is the art of making up information that does not exist.