Stereo Motion Graphics


Think of how 2D or 3D Motion Graphics could enhance your intro, credits, trailer, commercial, feature film or TV show! We can do amazing motion graphics in stereoscopic 3D. With our custom 3D tools we can pull objects out of the screen and into the audience making your project look dynamic and dimensional. We can create it all from scratch or if you already have 2D motion graphics and animation we can take your files and convert them into using the same process we do on feature films.

Stereoscopic Score Interface

Ryan and I got our start in graphic design and motion graphics years ago and to this day I still teach Motion Graphics, Compositing and Animation at the college level. Its a passion of ours so to say the least we take it seriously. Motion Graphics should be crisp, clean and snappy, but most of all minimalistic in design to give that smooth timeless modern feel. Typically the Motion Graphics is an after thought and is just applied to the top of the piece but if possible we like to get involved early to integrate the Motion Graphics to make a more cohesive piece. We are also innovating here at 2iiZ using our 3D stereoscopic experience, being at the forefront of creating Stereo Motion Graphics.”
Co-Founder Shawn Barnett

As always 2iiZ likes to integrate into your project as much as possible and help be a creative force. This mentality comes from the experience of integrating motion graphics into feature films as a visual effect. Be it 2D or 3D the Motion Graphics  pipeline is about the same, we just add our magic of two eyes.

Our Motion Graphics Pipeline
It all starts with that initial meeting and our consulting. Getting your project out of your head and down on paper. Laying out the parameters of the project, getting on the same page for terminology and in general educating each other on the project. We will provide you with some initial creative thoughts from 2iiZ on ways the project can be approached. We would also layout an initial depth script if needed at this time. We also work procedurally as much as possible for flexibility on revisions.Then we go over our approval process which is noted in detail after we talk about the final stage.

We start each Motion Graphics project with a storyboard and work it into a digital wireframe building and animation ideas. Get the overall color pallet down. If 3D Motion Graphics we also finalize the depth script at this time.

We plan design, layout, animation, and depth through each review phase of the project keeping everyone on the same page and making your project a success.


Stage 1
Now we design and start creating…..

  • Creating all the elements individually, graphical elements mixed some CGI elements, text and fonts, all creates a modern feel.
  • Rigg any of the elements needed for animation
  • Track any footage used or needed, this integrates it even further into your project
  • Begin to add effects, glows, lights, particles, transitions, the magic
  • Staging, then we do the initial layering of all these elements together before we even animate
  • If 3D Motion Graphics we then at this stage also apply initial depth

At this point we finalize the design before any animation begins



We typically go through three stages of animation that goes in conjunction with the approval process. We use traditional concept and techniques when animation Motion Graphics using keyframe animation, in-betweens, and keeping in mind the 12 principles of animation derived from Disney them selves.
Stage 2 - Key Frame Animation
This is the initial pass of animation, a rough for you to see the progress as we go. This enables us to make changes before getting to a final. We would also finalize initial depth at this point for 3D Motion Graphics and add any volume needed.
Stage 3 - The in-betweens
This is the stage were we smooth everything out to make a more fluid animation add any squash and stretch, anticipation, hesitation, follow through, secondary movement. We would finalize any volume at this point for 3D.


Stage 4 - Polish
we refine animation, make any corrections from the last phase that you requested and add the final magic.



Depending on the complexity of the design this can take a little time and for 3D Motion Graphics we output a stereo pair of left and right eye in the format you request.



Approval Process
The approval process goes hand in hand with our pipeline.

Stage 1

We finalize design and storyboard animation and integration before any animation begins.


Stage 2
We finalize the Keyframe Animation and for 3D Motion Graphics the Initial Depth, At this stage we approve the initial depth. Everything is cards with no volume to approve overall depth of the scene. Still in a rough state with artifacting, with minor depth issues.


Stage 3
we address any notes for animation from stage 1 and for 3D Motion graphics Volume, At this stage we approve overall internal volume for all the objects in the scene. Still in a rough state with. Inor depth or volume issues.


Stage 4
Finaling: this is the details, now that all the volume and depth are approved we go through and take care of any minor animation issues add any corrections from stage 3 and go for final approval

With each approval stage there is typically a change order for revision regarding previously approved stages.