Visual Effects


Do you want blood? Do you need a rocket blast? Perhaps you just need to remove a wire or rigging. Visual Effects is a big part of a good shot.  Often times its the effect you can’t see that is the most powerful.

We break down each shot with a storyboard mockup and wireframe animation.  Then we put each layer on one at a time building up the visual effect in till you can’t tell whats real and whats not.  This process lets us build on each shot in a way that makes it the perfect visual to fulfill any twisted fantasy you want to pull off.

From pre-production supervising to the final Nuke renders 2iiZ helped in the amazing VFX work in Silent Woods. This film brought some wild chalenges to the table.  When we were told that we would need to make aliens drift in the air we were not sure what to think. We decided to do a lot of the film sequence underwater.  This helped us get to a final result that looked surreal and brought the audience into the fantasy.

The war is getting close to town! In this VFX breakdown you can see how we used multiple plates to divide the background people from the foreground. Once we had a set path for the tanks we built models making sure to match the history books. With textures, lighting, shadows, smoke and dust we brought them to life. After getting the tanks placed and animated we put smudges on the glass, corrected color and added atmosphere and lighting. A final pass of color grades in DiVinci Resolve set the mood of the shot.

Bomb the bridge! This shot required 100% CG to produce. We first built pre viz models and made many passes of the booming making sure we liked the camera move and the flight path. Once we were happy with the look we started making layers for all the elements. The final step of adding rubble, flame and smoke, and appropriate motion blur made the shot blend with the practical shots around it.